About us

We have been providing veterinary care for over two decades, and can be found across three branches on the beautiful coast of Suffolk.

Our first practice was established in 1992 in Carlton Colville, a lovely suburb of Lowestoft, and within a few short years, we were in a position to open a second branch in the town of Lowestoft. We were acquired by CVS (UK) Ltd in 2004, and although we do operate individually, we are part of a larger group. As a result, our clinical standards are constantly being encouraged to progress and improve, and in turn provide your pets with the best standards of care possible. Our latest branch opened in the quaint town of Beccles in January 2016.

Today we have grown to having eight veterinary surgeons, of these two are experienced in orthopaedic surgeries and capable of carrying out several referral procedures. In addition, Coastline is supported by a great team of committed veterinary nurses and receptionists.

In 2015, we were awarded CVS Practice of the Year for our loyal client base, good reputation and growth. Here at Coastline, we strive to provide your pets with the best veterinary care possible. With modern diagnostic equipment, and an experienced and compassionate veterinary team, we ensure your pets receive this care.

The welfare of our patients is hugely important, and therefore whether your pet is unwell or healthy, we strive to create a welcoming environment to all.